Tips for Building on a Sloped Terrain in the U.S

Add the outline of the home and any significant objects like shed, garden or drive if they need to appear on the piece of land you’re going to model. If you’re going to model a smooth incline, one contour will be enough only to signify the highest part of your model. Open the project setting using Window > Model Info. Your settings could be distinct, but understand that to effectively match the created terrain into your Live Interior task, both must possess the proper scale. Because the terrain is not the most crucial part of it, we may want to make it as less thorough as possible.

In case the piece of land you model contains various sorts of sidewalk, ground, lawn or their combination, apply various textures to the specific areas. You need to do thus this in SketchUp before importing your model to Live Interior 3D. The latter allows you change any texture in the space it already requires, yet it can’t apply the second feel to a part of the single texture region. In case the same texture should cover the entire model, proceed to the subsequent measure. In case your model is an organization or part, right click it and choose Explode. To apply a brand new feel to a part of the model, choose the corresponding faces using the choice frame or by Shift clicking on every one of them.

Importing the terrain to Live Interior 3D. From now, let us call the imported terrain Sloped terrain to differentiate it from the default Terrain object. Simply drag and drop the .skp file onto the 2D view window in Live Interior 3D. Utilizing the Inspector, ensure that the sloping site has the proper scale. At the 3D view, walk around near the sloped terrain edge and search for graphic artifacts as with the picture below. The program can’t automatically cut out the pointless part, hence sloped terrain might be visible within the home.


In case your building doesn’t have cellar, and the sloping terrain isn’t much higher compared to the ground floor level, then there might be another solution. Simply elevate the floor till the part of the sloping terrain visible in disappears. Then lower the sloping ground to the same value to restore its height in connection to the default Terrain. Using the Edit > Edit in Trimble SketchUp command from the Live Interior 3D main menu is not recommended.