What You Should Know About Attorney General

Attorney General are the chief legal officer of the state of Texas. The Office of the Attorney General was initially created through authorities ordinance of the state government in 1836. Under the state’s construction, in 1845, the Attorney General was named by the governor, however, the workplace was made elective in 1850 through a constitutional amendment.

The Attorney general is to represent the state in litigation as well as approve bond problems present in the public. To carry through these various responsibilities, the elected official will serve as legal advisor to all arranging boards and institutions of the Texas municipality, issue legal perspectives when demanded by the governor, mind several state organizations along with other authorities as needed by statute as well as sit as the exofficio member of state committees as well as commissions.


The Attorney General Child Support department is among the most complete government departments in the state. The Attorney General Child Support department oversees all litigation problems connected to child support issues, like custody and payment problems. The Attorney General of Texas will even defend all problems made to Texas law as well as suits filed against both state companies and the specific workers of Texas.

These several duties should include addressing the Director of the Criminal Justice in appeals from convictions rendered in federal courts. The office can be officially accountable for overseeing proceedings to secure kid support and inspections revolving around Medicaid Fraud. Republican Abbott is the present Attorney General of Texas. Greg Abbot, prior to accepting the office of Attorney General, was a justice on the Supreme Court-a position he was named to at that time Governor George W. Bush.